Willows Sermons

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Title Scripture Speaker Date Series
Goal for 2019 Simi Ngomane 2018-12-30 General
Christmas Day 2018 - Fred the Leopard Guest Speaker 2018-12-25 General
Jesus is the Reason Dudley Goodenough 2018-12-23 General
The Reason for the Season Graeme Mercer 2018-12-16 General
From Bethlehem - An Advent Story Yury Gaudard 2018-12-09 General
Silent Night... Graeme Mercer 2018-12-02 General
Send Me Lord Yury Gaudard 2018-11-18 Dangerous Prayers
Making the Tough Call Simi Ngomane 2018-11-18 General
Break Me Lord Yury Gaudard 2018-11-11 Dangerous Prayers
Walking In Wisdom Graeme Mercer 2018-11-11 Seeking Wisdom
Search me God Yury Gaudard 2018-11-04 Dangerous Prayers
Sermon On the Mount Part 8 - Salt and Light Graeme Mercer 2018-10-28 Sermon on the Mount
Repairing Relationships Graeme Mercer 2018-10-28 Seeking Wisdom
Thanksgiving Service 2018 Graeme Mercer 2018-10-21 General
Words Do Come Easy Graeme Mercer 2018-10-14 Seeking Wisdom
Sermon On the Mount - Part 7 Yury Gaudard 2018-10-07 Sermon on the Mount
The Wellspring Of Wisdom Graeme Mercer 2018-10-07 Seeking Wisdom
Sermon On the Mount - Part 6 Yury Gaudard 2018-09-30 Sermon on the Mount
What is Your Excuse? Guest Speaker 2018-09-30 General
Spriritual Bankruptcy Simi Ngomane 2018-09-23 General
Sermon On the Mount - Part 5 Yury Gaudard 2018-09-16 Sermon on the Mount
Sloths, Sluggards and Slackers Part2 Graeme Mercer 2018-09-16 Seeking Wisdom
Sermon On the Mount - Part 4 Yury Gaudard 2018-09-09 Sermon on the Mount
By Grace Through Faith Dudley Goodenough 2018-09-09 General
Sermon On the Mount - Part 3 Graeme Mercer 2018-09-02 Sermon on the Mount
Sloths, Sluggards and Slackers Graeme Mercer 2018-09-02 Seeking Wisdom
Sermon On the Mount - Part 2 Yury Gaudard 2018-08-26 Sermon on the Mount
Two Tests Part 2 Graeme Mercer 2018-08-26 Seeking Wisdom
Sermon On the Mount - Part 1 Yury Gaudard 2018-08-19 Sermon on the Mount
My Sister's Keeper Kathy Mercer 2018-08-19 General
Carrying Gods Glory Yury Gaudard 2018-08-12 General
Two Tests Graeme Mercer 2018-08-12 Seeking Wisdom
True Worshipers Yury Gaudard 2018-08-05 Heroes of Faith
The Path To Wisdom Graeme Mercer 2018-08-05 Seeking Wisdom
Moses Graeme Mercer 2018-07-29 Heroes of Faith
Introduction Graeme Mercer 2018-07-29 Seeking Wisdom
Elijah Yury Gaudard 2018-07-22 Heroes of Faith
The Spiritual Development Of Our Children Graeme Mercer 2018-07-22 General
Crumbs From The Table Graeme Mercer 2018-07-15 The Power Of Decision
King David Yury Gaudard 2018-07-08 Heroes of Faith
Pleasing God in an Ungodly World Simi Ngomane 2018-07-08 General
Abraham Graeme Mercer 2018-07-01 Heroes of Faith
Do You Want To Get Well? Graeme Mercer 2018-07-01 The Power Of Decision
John Wesley Yury Gaudard 2018-06-24 Heroes of Faith
To Be Or Not To Be Graeme Mercer 2018-06-24 The Power Of Decision
Noah Yury Gaudard 2018-06-17 Heroes of Faith
Enoch Yury Gaudard 2018-06-10 Heroes of Faith
Son or Slave Graeme Mercer 2018-06-10 The Power Of Decision
Caleb Graeme Mercer 2018-06-03 Heroes of Faith
True Friends Graeme Mercer 2018-06-03 The Power Of Decision
Abel Yury Gaudard 2018-05-27 Heroes of Faith
Just Say The Word Graeme Mercer 2018-05-27 The Power Of Decision
Pentecost Service 2018 Yury Gaudard 2018-05-20 General
How did I ever get here? Graeme Mercer 2018-05-20 The Power Of Decision
The Daily Practise Of God's Presence Yury Gaudard 2018-05-13 Experiencing God's Presence
The Sum Of All Decisions Graeme Mercer 2018-05-13 The Power Of Decision
The Holy of Holies Yury Gaudard 2018-05-07 Experiencing God's Presence
Importance of the Lords Supper Graeme Mercer 2018-05-06 General
Use What You Have Simi Ngomane 2018-04-29 General
Our Living Hope Simi Ngomane 2018-04-29 General
Hindrances To God's Presence Yury Gaudard 2018-04-22 Experiencing God's Presence
Mixing Metaphors Graeme Mercer 2018-04-22 General
Enjoying the Presence of God Yury Gaudard 2018-04-15 Experiencing God's Presence
Believe In a Spiritual World Dudley Goodenough 2018-04-08 General
Resurrection - Why is it Relevant? Graeme Mercer 2018-04-01 Holy Week 2018
Why the Cross? Graeme Mercer 2018-03-30 Holy Week 2018
Act Of Desertion: Forsaken Graeme Mercer 2018-03-29 Holy Week 2018
Act Of Desolation - Loneliness Graeme Mercer 2018-03-28 Holy Week 2018
Act Of Derision - Scorn Graeme Mercer 2018-03-27 Holy Week 2018
Act Of Deception: Betrayal Graeme Mercer 2018-03-26 Holy Week 2018
Act of Distress: Dismay - Day 1 Graeme Mercer 2018-03-25 Holy Week 2018
Disciples path - The Great Invitation Graeme Mercer 2018-03-25 a Disciples Path
Disciples Path - The Basin and the Towel Graeme Mercer 2018-03-18 a Disciples Path
Disciples Path - Servanthood Simi Ngomane 2018-03-18 a Disciples Path
Disciples Path - Worship Graeme Mercer 2018-03-04 a Disciples Path
Disciples Path - Prayer Graeme Mercer 2018-02-25 a Disciples Path
Disciples path - Defined Graeme Mercer 2018-02-18 a Disciples Path
I Choose Yury Gaudard 2018-02-11 General
Feed My Sheep Graeme Mercer 2018-02-11 DiscipleShift
Surrender Over Control Yury Gaudard 2018-02-04 I Choose....
God was in Christ Dudley Goodenough 2018-02-04 General
Purpose over Popularity Yury Gaudard 2018-01-28 I Choose....
Who is your Neighbour? Graeme Mercer 2018-01-28 General
Talents Simi Ngomane 2018-01-21 General
What Do You See? Simi Ngomane 2018-01-14 General
Sabbath Rest Graeme Mercer 2018-01-07 General
New Year Message 2018 Dudley Goodenough 2017-12-31 General
Why Christmas Graeme Mercer 2017-12-25 Advent - Fear Not
Fear Not - Shepherds Graeme Mercer 2017-12-24 Advent - Fear Not
Fear Not - Mary Part 2 Graeme Mercer 2017-12-17 Advent - Fear Not
Fear Not - Mary Part 1 Graeme Mercer 2017-12-10 Advent - Fear Not
Fear Not - Joseph Graeme Mercer 2017-12-03 Advent - Fear Not
The Art Of Ending Graeme Mercer 2017-11-26 General
Overcoming Dissapointment 2 Graeme Mercer 2017-11-19 General
Claim Your True Identity Graeme Mercer 2017-11-19 General
Overcoming Fear Graeme Mercer 2017-11-12 General
Overcoming Dissapointment Graeme Mercer 2017-11-05 General
Surrender All Simi Ngomane 2017-10-22 General
Bring Your Gift Guest Speaker 2017-10-15 General
The power of a missional community Guest Speaker 2017-10-08 General