Ladies’ Fellowship

Throughout the Bible, we read of women helping, caring and loving others. This is the role of the Ladies’ Fellowship at Willows. The Ladies’ Fellowship is known for being a helping hand and for offering services to the church and to others. Our trademark is love. We share love with one another and with others in reaching out to homes and other organisations.

Many people have the wrong idea about the Ladies’ Fellowship; we’re not a bunch of old ladies that sit and knit or bake at our meetings. We are a group of caring and unique individuals that are full of life, energy and love for Christ and want to love one another, just as He asks us to, using our time and gifts to show support where we can.

NAME: Charmaine
ROLE: President
MINISTRY: Ladies’ Fellowship
TEL / CELL: (012) 807 2752
More information

If you would like more information about the Ladies Fellowship, please feel free to contact the Ministry President by using the abovementioned details. You are welcome to come to one of the meetings and see what we do and experience the love and fellowship among the ladies.

All ladies are welcome. No matter what your age or background; come and be blessed by our loving Father and enjoy some wonderful time without children, hubby and any animals around to worry you.

Become involved

Other than attending our Ladies’ Fellowship, there are various positions in this ministry that require administration and organisational skills, which you could help fulfil.

The serving opportunities in the Ladies Fellowship Ministry include being:

The Ministry Leader, which involves:

  • Co-ordinating the management of the ministry
  • Co-ordinate the monthly meetings
  • Keeping records of the ministry members
  • Managing communications within the ministry and with the church leaders
  • Overseeing the arrangements for the monthly meetings
  • Reporting to the church and the district executives as and when required

A Member, which involves:

  • Supporting the church through fund-raising and assistance at events as and when needed - Fellowshipping with other ladies to encourage each other and grow in their walk with the Lord
  • Being part of outreach activities where we seek to be Christ's hand and feet in accordance with our motto “To know Christ and to make Him know”
  • Participating at monthly meetings
  • Serving on the Ladies Fellowship Executive structures as and when called or led

If you are interested in becoming involved in this ministry, please contact our Church Office using the details below:


Tel: 012 807 2752 or 012 807 4224
Fax: 012 807 4224
Email >>
Office hours: 08h00 - 15h00 Mon to Fri